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Lydian Chiropractic has been an incredible resource for me. The doctors there provide me with exceptional care and healing, and they teach me about my patterns of injury and illness so that I can also take better care of myself. I have utmost respect for the doctors' wisdom, skill, and care and have come to trust their treatments to help me feel better whenever I need to return.

- Marcie O.

The practitioners at Lydian Chiropractic have been an essential part of my family's healing from various injuries big and small over the last decade. Their unique and gentle method is favored especially by the kids who happily come to the sessions. Positive attitude and vibe all around in this nice place, including from the front desk. Highly recommended.

- Dan J.

All of the chiropractors at Lydian Chiropractic are fantastic! Their pain-free method, warm demeanor, and thorough examinations have helped me heal from illnesses and injuries - both big and small - for years. I am pretty accident-prone, and they put me all the way back together every time! I'm so grateful for the structural integrity they have helped me build and maintain, and the immune system support they have offered. If you are ready for cutting-edge, pain-free, and long-lasting help for your body - check them out!

- Shani F.

Lydian Chiropractic has been nothing less than amazing. They have a way of understanding the body and getting to the root cause of the issue... I've never encountered anything like it. I can confidently say that the experience at Lydian has been and continues to be life changing for my family and our health.

- Andria B.

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Joy DelGiudice, CEnK2

Energy Kinesiology

I have worked with Joy for the last 6-7 years. When I went to see her, I was in a dark time in my life. I was struggling with addiction, and I was stuck in a toxic relationship. She helped me find strength and a sense of self. I am now sober and in a healthy, loving relationship. Joy's work was one of the many tools that made this change possible. You really have to work with Joy to believe it. The first time I met her, she was able to see and feel things about me and my life simply by tapping into my energy. She could see the wounds throughout my life that had caused me to get stuck in self-defeating and self-destructive patterns of behavior. She helped me clear these blocks and make room for new, creative, self-affirming energy. I also went on a transformative trip to Peru with Joy and others who worked with her. The trip was amazing, and we got to work with local shamans for a truly spiritual experience. There is not enough I can say about Joy. She is one in a million. I am blessed to have been able to work with her!

- Chris W.

Joy offers me some of the most profound and effective healing I've ever had. She developed the method she calls Somatic Emotional Acupressure after decades of training in fields as diverse as Neuro-Linguistic Programming (yeah, like the psychologist in The Bourne Identity), Energy Kinesiology, visionary shamanic apprenticeship, and a host of other pursuits. At first it was hard for me to understand and accept that I could heal physically, mentally and spiritually from her very subtle methods, especially coming from a scientifically trained background. But I did. In fact, her simple treatments affect things as basic as my breathing, standing, and anxiety. Her treatment can remove illnesses by identifying my attachment to them, and then helping me remove these unhelpful attachments (or scripts). Her methods are very gentle, and Joy is a kind person.

- Tara M.

When I came to the Lydian Center, I was dealing with injury coupled with emotional trauma. Before the chiropractors began their work they suggested that I receive treatment from Joy first. Resolving the trauma would allow my body to accept and process the chiropractic treatments more easily. Joy’s work has helped me to resolve and move past traumas that happened to me as an adult, as well as childhood emotional responses that I’d internalized unconsciously. Her skill, insights, and compassion have helped me to approach life with less fear and more personal agency.

- Julie S.

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Farah Gron, Homeopathy

Farah Gron, CCH, RSHom(NA)

Classical Homeopathy

I have been using Homeopathy for the last 6 months under the care of a great Homeopathic Practitioner named Farah Gron and I feel better in ways that I have not thought possible. I do not feel as though I have any more Clinical Depression or SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome! I believe that if I knew about Homeopathy as a child I would not have had to go through many of the difficult things I went through as an young adult. If you are like me and are proactive about your health, look into Homeopathy. It is a great tool that will serve you well.

- P.S.

We began homeopathy in 2008 for our son with Autism. We were lucky enough to see an improvement with our first dose! We were SO excited. He immediately began exhibiting social skills, using more language, and giving more eye contact. In the past 6 years, the improvement has grown exponentially. Not only does homeopathy continue to recover our son, but it is the #1 treatment our whole family turns to for any illness or ailment. Homeopathy brought our son back to us. Farah, we are so grateful for your professionalism, knowledge, love and care for our son and family. I don't know where we'd be without you. You are more than our homeopath...you are family!

- Elena S.

I was referred to Farah Gron by Susan Grace at the Lydian Center for my son, who had flat facial warts all over one side of his face. He saw two different highly recommended pediatric dermatologists to treat this. The dermatologists were not successful and the warts were getting worse. Our first appointment with Farah was very extensive; she was really interested with what was going on with my son emotionally. She connected his emotional state to what was happening with the warts and his respiratory system. Farah came up with a remedy and within 6 weeks the warts were gone!!!!!!!!! Additionally, as a result of this remedy, my son is emotionally more grounded and less anxious. Thank you for thinking outside the box. I highly recommend Farah.

- K.W.

My daughter has suffered from anxiety as long as I can remember. She was terrified any time I could not be with her and would not calm down. We stopped going to church and I stopped going to MOPS type activities (where she was with children and I was with the moms) because the teachers would always call me out to come and get her. She would become hysterical. She also had many food allergies and refluxed constantly She was afraid of the teacher in preschool and would not talk in class. She was an early reader at 4 but the teacher told me in our conference she was concerned she might have learning challenges because she wouldn't respond to her questions. She played quietly and didn't engage with the other children. This lasted for 2 years of preschool. She also started stuttering as she learned to speak (she was an early talker) and stuttered very badly. The teacher recommended she not start Kindergarten at 5 due to her lack of participation in class and her weak social skills. We started homeopathy for my daughter with Farah Gron. I started to notice that the refluxing and the stuttering could be controlled with the remedies my daughter was taking. As we moved through Farah's treatment plan, the stuttering and refluxing stopped completely! They had been going on for years. With the support of homeopathy, my daughter THRIVED in Kindergarten! She was asked on so many playdates that I couldn't keep up! She won a medal for academic excellence (one of three in her class) and she loved school! Her confidence increases every day. She just started a new school and faced the first day without anxiety but with excitement! She has easily made new friends and her new teacher said she doesn't know what to do with her--she is so advanced that the curriculum isn't appropriate for her. We believe God saved our daughter and He used homeopathy to do it! We recommend Farah Gron and homeopathy to anyone who will listen!

- M., California

During my freshman year of college I was diagnosed with mono. Mono basically destroyed my immune system and I was never the same after I recovered. I went to Farah in hopes that she could help me get back to my normal self. At first I was reluctant but after about a month of taking her remedies I started to see results. Thanks to Farah I stopped getting sick and I can confidentially say I have never felt this good in years!

- Z.R.

My son is 13 years old now and in the 8th grade. Next year, he will be in high school, so we are spending much of our time after work/school preparing for the next chapter in his life test prep, tutoring, application paperwork, open houses, etc. Thanks to Farah Gron, he is applying to some of the top schools in Los Angeles. He is a wonderful young man who is maturing every day. I'm most proud of him when I see him trying new things that are challenging for him. Last year, he joined his school's speech team. He competed in a few tournaments, but never so much as received an honorable mention, which was getting him down. As you might imagine, he's very good at memorizing speeches, but expressing feeling is much harder. The evening before a tournament a couple weeks ago, he was practicing, and said that he didn't know why he was trying so hard if he was never going to win. We tried shifting his focus from winning to connecting with audience and his own feelings as he spoke. The next day, he won third place in a competition with students from at least 5 schools! I was so proud of him and immediately thought of you and your commitment to healing him. Other very good news is that he is growing socially and seems more at ease with his peers. My heart melts every time I see him interacting in a natural way with other middle school kids, because I have witnessed miraculous change in him.

- I.B.

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Eve Kodiak, M.M. Emeritus

Brain Gym

Eve has been a tremendous resource in the way she has helped heal all of my children and our family as a whole. She has also shared successful techniques for self-help and countless useful suggestions for practical life. We feel incredibility fortunate to have found Eve!

- Anonymous

Having worked intensely with Eve for two years, I am consistently amazed at the space for healing she makes. Her knowledge of several modalities serve her singular ability to deeply listen to the individual & their unique situation. She has helped me transition from a semi-functional college student to a free lance musician, able to more fully support myself than I would have thought possible. As a musician, she has helped me sink deeper into my body and connect to its inherent wisdom. During our dozens of sessions, she has played the role of nurturer, friend, healer, guide, and more. Powerfully grounded, her connection to truth has helped free me on my journey of personal healing. Eve has helped me build a sense of ease into my daily life that I never dreamed of.

- Nate S.

Upon talking to us, instantly Eve knew that the root of my teenager's condition was not physical, but an emotional issue that needed clearing. After only one session, my daughter's problem disappeared completely! We are SO grateful!

- S. Anderson

As part of her treatment, if you are interested, Eve, an accomplished concert pianist, can help you recover your inner balance through musical improvisation. Improvising is different from conventional music lessons. In the beginning, atonal playing (selecting from all the black and white notes of the piano at once) is especially satisfying, as discords and new combinations of tones break old habits and suggest further possibilities. Personal musicality is improved by listening, experimenting, finding a jumping off point for the next phrase, and extending into the unknown. The main therapeutic effect of improvising derives from being caught up in the doing of it, when time flows by unheeded and variations come spontaneously, one after another, from somewhere deep inside. It is from this experience that you begin to rebuild your center. On bad days, when the magic does not happen, and you arrive for your session untracked, unmusicked and woebegone, Eve has exercises and balances to help you find your way. Over time, it is even possible to create music that is subtle, mellow, and inviting. But the chief fun of learning to improvise is being shown how to sit down at the keyboard and become totally absorbed in what you don't know you're doing.

- Lucille W.

It was wonderful meeting you yesterday! My daughter's session with you was awesome. If what I saw was any indication of what lies ahead for her, I feel your session was the beginning of her journey back.

- L.G., Mom

I really like going to Eve because I always feel better afterward. It is a good feeling. :)

- Liora, 14, Lexington, MA

Eve's thoughtful, intuitive style and warm, personable nature put me at ease right away. I had been struggling with chronic pain for months and came to Eve with an initial sense of 'this is my last resort'. She understood my frustration and got right to work. Eve used tuning forks to help balance me (don't ask me how! She explained it, but it's still over my head!), and after only two sessions of cranio-sacral work, I'm feeling much better! The process of cranio-sacral release is both subtle and profound--it feels great! And I left each session feeling both relaxed and energized. Eve's a great addition to the team I know I can call on to maximize my health and sense of well-being.

- Monique

We have been blessed to have Eve Kodiak become a part of our daughter Mia's care team. Since starting to see Eve we have noticed changes in Mia that are hard to explain, but as a parent you know there is good change happening. We came to Eve seeking a cranial therapist and we got so much more. Speaking from personal experience, a session with Eve is like jumping into a crystal clear lake on top of a mountain. You leave feeling refreshed, renewed, and reborn. I know that if Mia could talk (she's only 1) she'd say the same thing.

- Noah and Francesca

Eve was an enormous help in reversing dizziness, vertigo, and cranial pressure that was affecting my ability to travel for business - and therefore my very livelihood. As an added benefit she identified the root cause of my carpal tunnel condition, and gave me some practical ways to address it.

- John O., Jamaica Plain

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